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York IVC - your club - putting on events

A brief guide to putting on events

York IVC is all about events and activities and because it's so important when your membership is up for renewal you must have hosted at least two events in the last twelve months to continue at the usual rates. The club's success partly relies on the quality and breadth of events on offer and for this reason we've made putting an event on as easy as possible.

If you're stuck for ideas, nights out and meals out in town are always popular, particularly on Fridays and Saturdays; or why not put on a walk, cycle ride or a round of golf at a weekend; perhaps organise a trip to the cinema or theatre, go paint-balling, go-karting or even Go Ape? Maybe look out for local happenings and turn these into an IVC event? If you host a free event at your home you might be able to claim a subsidy of £20 - get in touch with the Treasurer in advance.

Decide whether you want to host your event with another member and write a description telling members where and when it is and how to contact you. Make it sound exciting - you want people to come, don't you? If you have your own deadline for bookings or numbers are limited, make sure you say this. Then add your event through the web site or send it to the Events Co-ordinators. If you beat the bulletin deadline, it'll appear in this brochure; if not, why not organise an ad-hoc event through the York IVC web site messaging system? It won't count towards your two events but you'll still have a good time. You can also promote your event over the messaging system but why not go to some other events beforehand and get a buzz going about yours?

On the night of your event, please be on time if you're the host and welcome and include all members or potential members that come along. Any member can join in unless they missed your published deadline or you stated numbers were limited. If you have to cancel please withdraw your event from the bulletin or use the messaging system if the bulletin's already gone out. We encourage photos and reviews from events - add these through the web site yourself or send them to the Bulletin Team Co-ordinator.


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