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Membership fees

Current membership fees

Membership type Annual fee
Single £20.00
Associate £20.00

Renewal fees are increased to £40.00 where insufficient events have not been hosted in the preceeding year. The number events each member is expected to host is:

The number of events required was changed at the 2016 AGM and amended at the 2017 AGM: previously it was two events per member regardless of membership duration.

Social Yorkies IVC reduced its fees at our 2014 AGM and we no longer offer a joint or couples membership rate.

Associate membership is only available to current full members of other Clubs affiliated to the Association of Inter-Varsity Clubs (AIVC). This is currently set at the same price as our regular membership, however associate members can join immediately without becoming prospective members first.

Fees for prospective members

Category Fee
Two month trial extension (first part month is free)
Single £5.00


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