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By registering an interest with Social Yorkies IVC, you'll become a prospective member. You can then attend our events for around one month free of charge and find out whether our Club is for you. We are a member-run organisation and there is no obligation to continue beyond that. Simply fill out the form below and the Membership Secretary will be in touch.

Alternatively you can contact the Membership Secretary yourself by telephoning 07922 558483 if you have any questions or simply prefer to do things over the phone.


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Applying for joint membership? Both interested parties should complete this form separately and the Membership Secretary will be able to join your membership records together. Joint membership is available to any two people living at the same address.

What happens next?

The Prospective Membership Secretary will be in touch by email and send you:

You will then be able to enjoy prospective membership until the end of the month. If you apply late in the month we will extend your trial until the end of the following month.


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