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Handy Hints for attending and creating online events

some guidance on how to use Zoom and Google Meets for attending and hosting events.

1. Ensure you have the following
• good Wi-Fi connection
• smart phone, tablet, I pad or laptop with a camara (If not you will need to add a camera)
2. Be aware of your surrounding area (what others will see behind you) most tools (zoom, google meets) have a facility to blur or change the background so ensure you how to activate this
3. Ensure your microphone is on and camera is on when logging in (and switch off when ending the meeting or mute)
4. Follow the YouTube tutorials to learn how to create and join meetings
5. You will have to down load Zoom to be able to access a meeting
6. The preferred option for the Social Yorkies AKA IVC York currently is to use Google Meets. It is easy to set up an account if you wish to create an event. For any issues please email the committee. If you don’t wish to create a Google account please contact the Committee and they will give you details on how to use the clubs log in details
7. Once you have decided on your event, create the online event and put the details into the club calendar.
8. Ensure you know who you are letting into the meeting, they should have accepted in the events diary or you can check the members list. If you are attending an online event please let the host know before so they can let you in.
Any issues or concerns over miss use of the online facilities please report to the committee.
Zoom tutorial -
Google meet (AKA Google Hangouts) tutorial -
London AIVC hold regular zoom tutorials

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