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Call for Co Hosts to help run online events

So we are back in lockdown mode… the club is trying to support as many online events as possible.

Please have a look at the AIVC calendar for online events you can join, or other clubs. Why not have a go at putting on an online event yourself its easier than it looks, first seek out a member who will co host with you. Then have a look at how to host and online event (some info in the news section), then have a look at what you might want to have a go at, some ideas below:

• Monthly Quiz

• Exercise classes

• Cheese and Wine/Wine Tasting

• Regular 'Meet and Greet' /'Welcome to Potentials and New Members' sessions

• 'Foodie' themed events - perhaps cooking/baking competitions, demos, etc

• Art/craft appreciation

• Drinks nights, (such as a 'Fizz Friday', 'G' n' T or beer appreciation sessions', etc) .

• DJ/Music/Disco nights (with/out fancy dress!)

• Xmas Jumper competition night

Anything else you can think of! Get creative! Your club needs you! Sign up via the Diary process or contact any of the committee members for help and guidance.

The Committee

Helpful links
Zoom tutorial -
Google meet (AKA Google Hangouts) tutorial -


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